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Steve has been a sailor since he was seven years old. He's raced sailboats in Southern California, San Francisco Bay, and the Pacific Northwest. From the beginning he showed a high level of skill as a helmsman and over the years developed all the skills required to race and cruise a sailboat at a high level.

Prior to the age of 18 he had already won the Swiftsure race in Canada, sailed a boat outside Vancouver Island and up to Juneau in Alaska, in addition to sailing from Seattle down the coast to California for racing in the Big Boat Series in San Francisco Bay.

Since then Steve has sailed solo off the California coast in the El Nino storms of 1998, been out around the Channel Islands in California and done numerous races in the Pacific North West enjoying considerable success.

After becoming captain of his own vessel Steve has perfected solo sailing and has experienced a number of adventures in the Straits of Juan De Fuca in all seasons and all weather. His days of sailing have increased considerably from the early years and his body of experience has grown vast.

Steve's claim to fame is that he's sailed around Smith Island in the Straits of Juan De Fuca more than any other person in modern times and has become a true expert at wind, weather, and current conditions in the Straits of Juan De Fuca and the San Juan Islands.

These days he prides himself in his knowledge and ability in rough weather and his skills in sailing upwind in big waves. When it comes to preparation for and sailing in rough weather and gales in the Pacific Northwest Steve is unmatched in his experience and ability.

In addition to operating large sailboats Steve is a master of yacht systems from electronic to plumbing and rigging. In his spare time over a winter he built a model of his own yacht and designed an auto pilot for it with a custom built wireless controller of his own design. In the process he perfected the principles of the PID (Proportional, Integral, Derivative) controller used as the basis of the autopilot. Steve has wired his own boat, rebuilt engines, perfected flawless yacht painting, and is something of an expert in marine exhaust and heating systems.

Sailing is not the only marine activity that Steve has experience with. He is also a scuba diver and a sea kayaker.

Along the way, while not sailing, Steve has also done a considerable amount of rock climbing. While not climbing to the same high standards that he sails he has none the less done a number of big long classics in the Western United States including two ascents of El Capitan, two trips up Washington Column in Yosemite, the Rainbow Wall in Zion, Liberty Bell in Washington, and many long free routes including Lucky Streaks in Tuolumne and the South Face of Warlock Needle in California.

Steve has also done some mountaineering, and has climbed Colorado's Longs Peak Notch Couloir twice in winter conditions, Mt Rainier twice, once while weathering white out storm force conditions, Mt Adams four times, Mt Baker, and numerous lesser peaks in the Cascade Mountains of Washington.

Steve is an expert at ultralight backpacking and off trail exploration. His love and experience with the wilderness is deep and goes back many years.

Steve's approach to adventure is primarily one of approaching it safely and having fun. His ability to pick out the right destination for a given season and weather forecast is unmatched in the industry. Planning, preparation, and flexibility are the hallmarks of Steve's method for making adventure, safe, fun, and memorable.

Voila, this is the birth of San Juan Adventures...

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